• Arkiv


    Arkiv is working to resolve the copyright tasks which are associated to the reuse of TV shows. Call Arkiv on 35 44 14 99 or write to arkiv@copydan.dk

  • AVU-medier


    AVU-medier gives access to use TV shows and movies in teaching and communication. The association is focused on supporting the professional communication on educational media use.

    AVU-medier website
  • BilledKunst


    BilledKunst provides educational opportunity to use digital images in teaching. We also sell licenses to use images of artworks in all imaginable contexts.

    BilledKunst website
  • KulturPlus


    KulturPlus ensures that artists and cultural producers are compensated, when blank copy media is sold.

    KulturPlus website
  • Verdens TV

    Verdens TV

    Verdens TV handles copyright in connection with the distribution of Danish as well as foreign TV and radio channels.

    Verdens TV website
  • Copydan Writing

    Copydan Writing

    We offer contracts to public and private companies who are copying articles, literature, music, etc., just as we compensate those who hold the rights to the original material, when it is being copied.

    Copydan Writing website
  • Fællesforeningen


    The joint administration resolves administrative and technical tasks for each rights organization in Copydan-Huset, i.e. economics, accounting, HR, IT and unified administration.

    Fællesforeningens website
  • Copydan-Huset


    Founded by creative and performing artists, writers, film, television and record producers as well as publishers and newspapers. Copydan includes a joint administration as well as 6 rights organizations working for the Art, Knowledge and Entertainment.